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If you have more questions about this species or any other species of shark, ask the Shark Wrangler!
He has handled live sharks of every species on this site except blues and makos.

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Atlantic Sharpnose
Oceanic Whitetip
Sand tiger

Smooth Dogfish
Spiny Dogfish

Anatomical Page
This is a page discussing the anatomical features of sharks in general.  It contains pictures of the features described.

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Shark Wrangling Classes

This page serves to explain the layout and function of our shark pages.

They are presently laid out by species.  Ken is covering the sharks that are common off South Carolina.  He primarily focuses on those species that he has handled and studied.  Not all species are complete.  As he has more time, he is adding more species, as well as, more pictures of actual sharks.  He will be adding pictures of skin, dorsal and ventral views, fin coloration and shape, and any other noteworthy view.   These are added as they are available.  ALL ARE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL©.   They not to be reproduced or used offline, or linked to from another site.  He will not be allowing anyone to use these photos online.  Students may print out pictures for school reports or research only so long as they cite the source.


FROM KEN: POSTED June 4, 2009

Hey guys,

I have thought about more updates to these pages.  However, though my Shark Pages were the first semblance of an online field guide more than 14 years ago, there are quite a few sites with shark directories.  They have some stock pictures of live sharks whereas my photos were plate shots.  Even though most do not have hands on experience with the species listed that I have on these pages, they have some pretty good information.  So, I have decided to add some more photos and more video in lieu of updating these pages.  I will still try and include the hands-on information about the species listed.  However, I would rather put more time into videos that you might enjoy.  I can share more information with you on YouTube.com in videos and on television than just typed pages.  So, please, check out my Youtube Channel,


I will post more videos there from this month as I get time to edit.

 Check out the current clips posted on this site now.

Thanks for your interest and support,

Ken Moran
Shark wrangler


bonnet_head_body_small.jpg (1825 bytes)
PHOTO of Shark
If available a profile shot appears thumbnailed here linking to a page with a full size picture.

blublue.jpg (61983 bytes)
PHOTO of Jaws
from 10 foot shark

Jaws description

This section describes the jaws and teeth.   It will cover notable features or differences.  It is designed to aid in identifying jaws you have.

Other Available Photos
A list of available pictures by body part or feature.