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Tiger Shark
Galeocerdo cuvieri

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Tiger sharks are one of the largest species of sharks after the white shark.  They can grow to enormous sizes.  A fourteen foot tiger shark can weigh more than 1500 lb.  They can grow to lengths of over 18 feet.

They are different in appearance from all other sharks.  They have a flat broad face with wide large jaws.  Their broad rounded head is most menacing looking.   The upper body looks like a camouflaged sub with blue-gray to greenish color background and dark colored stripe-like marks.  The marks usually appear vertical.   The countershading can be quite white or slightly yellowish.

The tiger shark is one of the mighty ocean predators.  Its hooked cutting teeth are different from all other shark species.  The only other species close to them in shape is Hemipristis.  These teeth are designed with marked serrations and a notched indention on the outside.  The indention like the teeth is made for extreme cutting.  It forced tissue across the serrations allowing the tooth to cut through rather than the tissue sliding over the tip.  They are designed well for one of the delicacies of the tiger, sea turtles.  Large turtle have very thick shells.  Yet, the tiger shark will bite and saw through the shell easily.   Tigers feed on other sharks, fish and most anything they want!

The tiger is know for its surface hunting.  Turtles and other prey are picked out at the surface.  The shark will hit from slightly below or from the surface depending on if it thinks the prey may escape.  Tigers unlike other sharks will attack boldly.  They usually do not "wait prey out".  With their enormous size, they feed relentless without fear.  Part of their incredible nature is the occasional look from the ocean.  Sometimes they will raise their head slightly from the water viewing out over the surface!  They are a threat to swimmers and surfers alike in areas where they feed.

They have been targeted in Hawaii because of their ferocity and surface feeding.  In Brazil, swimmers attacked by tiger sharks never survive.  Surfers are better protected by their surfboards.  However, avoiding swimming ALONE AND FROM DUSK UNTIL DAWN can certainly decrease attack from this or any other species of shark.

Tigers roam the warm and temperate water around the world. 

This species has not been targeted because of its size, but, is infrequently caught by commercial fishing operations.  At present, its population in most areas is not threatened.  The largest that I have hooked was at least 15 feet long.  She was trying to carry off my shrimp trawl.  She was trying to carry off my shrimp trawl. 


tiger2.jpg (44172 bytes)
from 10 foot shark

Jaws description

The jaws on large specimens are thick and more massive than lost other species.  The teeth are unmistakable, wide with a large serrated edge.  Each is notched back laterally.  The teeth vary little as they proceed to the outer rim of the jaws.