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Ken Moran

He isn't any ordinary Animal Wrangler...He's the original Shark Wrangler who

hunts, captures and transports live sharks.  He is experienced, available, and legal!


Access his YouTube Channel Here

Do you need a shark for your public aquarium?
He has supplied them.
Do you need a wrangler to handle animals in a documentary or feature film project?
He's performed in both!

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He can fill almost any need.
(Remember sharks are seasonal.  Make requests as far in advance as possible.)

    The Shark Wrangler handles sharks in the wild and in confinement.  He can hunt, collect and transport live sharks to most locations.  He does tagging and research assistance with sharks and other marine animals.  He provides live sharks for public display.  As a diver, he plans to soon begin underwater filming this year for his own shows.  The background photo he shot on a free dive with sharks.  All images on this site are copyrighted materials and may only be used with written permission from the owner.

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You can see pictures of sharks and learn more about them by viewing the Shark Pages.
They were written by the Shark Wrangler on various species of sharks he has worked with in the ocean.
Click this picture to see

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Or by visiting his YouTube Channel


Where he will be posting short clips of these actual sharks live or during research sharing facts and firsthand knowledge. Pictures on this site are copyrighted material!



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