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    Ken has years of field experience working with sharks as well as other marine species.  He has a passion for the sea and its creatures.  And while he regularly works with other animals such as dolphins and turtles, his first love is the sharks.  Ken is a third generation sea hunter.  He was drawn to sharks as a child with the release of Jaws.  Gripped by its ability to tap the primal public fear of sharks, he became fascinated with the ocean's apex predators.  Instead of fearing these powerful animals, he works confidently and carefully with them.  And, though he wrangles them very much "hands on" even riding on top of them when necessary, he IS NO cowboy.  Ken tries to promote responsible handling of and passive interaction with all animals.  Sharks are very dangerous animals and warrant people's respect.  wrangler1.gif (94461 bytes)He encourages children especially to develop appropriate behavior with animals.  So you probably won't see him playing with a shark like it is a toy. Just because you see "shark divers" working closely with sharks doesn't mean that you should swim out looking to pet a shark. Sharks can cause serious injuries or death.  Though Ken has dived sites filled with sharks, he does not bother them or directly interact with them.

    Ken gives talks on sharks and shark behavior whenever asked as his schedule permits.  He has tried to take time out and do some writing about the various shark species indigenous to his home range of the east coast of North America.  He maintains relationships with researchers as well as commercial sharking operations.   He strongly believes in the conservation of our natural resources.   This comes through public awareness and public responsibility.

Here you see him handling an Atlantic Sharpnose shark pup that he collected for a local display.

Ken is no newcomer to the camera.  He has done feature film work, as well as, documentary filming.  He can hit a mark or stay completely out of frame as the shot may require.  His experience benefits filmmakers by giving them a veteran who will season practical experience with sensational performance {what can be done with what would look really cool}.  And most of all, "He is easy to work with", says Ron H. {AKA Ronnie the hammerhead} from 15 miles offshore South Carolina.

Interesting facts about the Shark Wrangler...
Did you know???

Not only has Ken wrangled sharks, he has worked with reptiles, insects and even horses.  He has wrangled everything from Anacondas to Caymans.

The Shark Wrangler has not only dived with sharks but has done far more dangerous dives than that as an Emergency Diver.  That's right!  Ken was available 24-7 to dive for drowning victims in the counties around his home.  He was not only responsible for the recovery of drowning victims, but, also helped recover such things as fossils, downed airplanes, sunken boats, and even several trucks and cars.  He drove a truck out of the water one night (steered it actually).  He and his brother developed courses in Emergency DivingŠ to teach their recovery skills to other rescue personnel throughout the state.

Not only was Ken in SpidermanŠ, but, he has done a little "wall-crawling" of his own (Ken can rappel down the sides of buildings or from a helicopter).  The Shark Wrangler has many skills in and out of the water, but, he believes you should at least be a master of your field.

We have posted an interview with the Shark Wrangler.  He will also respond to your questions on the interview page.  So if you have a question, email him.
Read the interview with Ken.

We will also have information on other shark sites, shark photos and footage.

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