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Tentative Schedule 2017 (Once a class is full, it will not be rescheduled unless the weather prevents the class.)

Locations will be proximal to Myrtle Beach, SC

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 Class Registration and Dates

Shark Wrangling Basics: How to Survive your First Encounter
OPEN TO ALL AGES (2 - 1 Day workshops)
Everyone will handle sharks and rays based on seasonal availability!!!  Will be great fun.
Intro to Shark Wrangling for Research Workshop 1 Day Classes
Seamanship for Shark Wranglers & Researchers (Basic & Advanced)
Shark Handling 1
Shark Wrangling Intensive Program (only 6 students will be trained this year in this class)


Courses (Workshops) offered

Shark Wrangling Basics: How to Survive your First Encounter
    This is the introductory workshop that covers basic shark physiology, handling and safety.  Students of all ages are welcome, but, minors must be joined by a parent enrolled in the class.  Some of the specific topics covered are
  • Shark Bite
  • Tonic Immobility: Reality vs. What you think you know
  • Don'ts and Shouldn'ts
  • Shark Anatomy
  • Basic Species Identification
  • Sexing
  • How to handle small sharks
    and more...
Basic Seamanship for Researchers
If you plan to take Shark Collection & Tagging 1 involving larger fishing boats and larger sharks, unless you have proof of seamanship, you will be required to take a two day seamanship class for your safety.  Fishing for sharks is hazardous even without the sharks.  The seamanship course will cover the basics of the boat, its equipment, layout and protocol.  This class involves classroom time and time in the boat.  You will have a check out run in the water to prove you are ready for the open ocean.  As long as you check out, you will be allowed to proceed to the large shark class.

Ken now offers an extra day which is an advanced class for wranglers and researchers who will be working aboard collection vessels.  The Advanced Seamanship for Researchers Advanced course is hands on boat time training students in deploying various forms of commercial tackle.  Primary focus is on basics of tackle types and safety during deployment.  Students will see actual tackle being deployed and recovered.  This is required for students participating in Shark Collection 2 (Open Water).

Shark Handling for Research 1 (Small Sharks on Land)
        This class covers some of the "How to's" of shark handling techniques.  It will not cover most or all techniques.  It will familiarize you with some of the styles of fishing and give you field experience with a few.  It will give basic classroom and "hands on" instruction in the basic skills of handling certain shark species.  This class can be fun if you simply want to get to touch real sharks and see some fishing.  You should indicate whether you are taking the class for research or for pleasure. 
Shark Collection and Handling for Research 2 (Open Water)
        This class builds on the first class starting with some more techniques for working larger sharks.  By large, we mean five foot to ten foot sharks (whatever is caught).  It will have a classroom session with direct discussion of procedures and some techniques prior to the open water sessions.  This class is decidedly more dangerous and rough than the first.  It is recommended for researchers and aquarium employees only, though not closed to anyone willing.

    Optional topics (at Ken's discretion based on student needs) data collection advanced techniques, surgical implantation, screw tags and glue tags. 

Shark Wrangling Intensive Program (Shark Wrangling 101 through Graduate school!)
        Everything I can teach you in a week.  That's right, 
  • How to catch them
  • How to handle them
  • Shark tagging
  • How to transport them
  • Even how to design transport tanks
  • Shark identification and sexing
  • Basic parasitology
  • Shark physiological concerns during handling and transport
  • Shark viability assessment
  • Shark compatibility

You can opt for the "Research" program which prepares you orients you for that type of work or the "Aquarium" program for transportation and some husbandry.  You should learn more from this class than most aquarium workers about sharks.  You will not have time to build much experience, but, you can still learn a ton.  The class will involve a lot of time in the water as well as hours in the classroom.  You will have to travel to SC or possibly Florida.  I will travel to teach this course at an aquarium or Florida (you will have to cover travel).  Remember, if there are no sharks around your area, you cannot learn to handle them in your area.  This program has a weekly rate that I charge based on the number of students and the cost of boating.  Therefore, you can get longer training by continuing the weekly rate.  You can also cut some costs by providing boats and other necessary equipment.  MORE TO COME on this program.  Contact me now if you are interested.

Each class on sharks will be about four days long (one week influenced by weather and catch).  You will need special clothes for classes handling sharks.  Those requirements will be discussed after enrollment.  The clothing are not an added expense.  You may already own some of the necessary clothing.  All classes in the outdoors and water will require at minimum; a hat, sunscreen, bug repellant, rain gear, waterproof bag, light jacket and gloves.  You may also read my page on gear to supplement your gear for the class.  As they will not be held in cold weather, you can plan accordingly.

The cost of each class will be dictated by the number in the class and the cost of the logistics for the same.  Providing boats, fuel and equipment is quite expensive.  The class cost will reflect this.  Contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: There are certain restrictions on students and their physical condition due to the nature of shark handling.  NO ONE with the following conditions will be allowed to participate in any water or fishing session due to the unnecessary risk; persons of diminished mental capacity or physical impediments such as to prevent them from running and swimming and lifting more than 50 pounds, heart conditions, epileptics, anyone on psychtropic drugs, anxiety attacks, sensitivty to heat, marine allergies, severe motion sickness, etc.

Children with impairments or challenges as well as adults with the same, may request a special inshore trip with the shark wrangler on a "per case" assessment condition.  The shark wrangler's grandfather was confined to a wheelchair, but, this did not stop him from teaching Ken how to fish in the waters of South Carolina.  It is simply a matter that individuals with special needs can make a trip if sufficient time and support crew are available or they have support staff to accompany them.  If you meet this criteria, call or email Ken with details and request the available dates for a trip with the Shark Wrangler.  Cost will vary based on the situation.  However, their function in an open water shark wrangling course would recklessly endanger them and the crew.

    I am currently developing an instructional video series on aspects of shark handling for research and a documentary.  If interested, please, email me with feedback.  I am hosting series on kayak diving and fishing in addition to my shark projects.  Check back to see me catch a shark from my kayak this summer!!!  I'll tell you when the footage will air.

Shark Filming
I am working on one documentary about sharks.  If you are interested or have questions about distribution or would like to consider one of these for air by your network, please, contact me.

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