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Given the coy and somewhat lackadaisical approaches of many divers and guides in the world of sharks, I feel the need to share some of my gear types and brands with the public.  There are real dangers in working with and around marine predators.  Therefore, I am not only very picky but rigid in my gear choices.  MY LIFE IS DEPENDING ON IT!  And I apply this ethic in my testing, review, and endorsement of such products.  I do not mind prototypes or their testing.  Pragmatism RULES!

ATTENTION VENDORS: I am currently accepting calls soliciting product placement and sponsorship for a TV series!  Call me immediately.  I am accepting offers on marine vessel instruments, outboard motors, hulls, clothing, wetsuits, and even my side arm.  So, if you want to promote your company in a national TV series, contact me now with offers as I will need to work out approval for product placement and trademark appearance as quickly as possible.  You can separately request product placement in my Youtube videos being produced now.  Please, do not delay.  POSTED January 25, 2014


I am currently testing a couple of my own shark deterrent products.  I finished the prelims on one I love but I cannot get the inventor on the phone to let him know the results, call me dude!  I am testing my own prototype shark attractant for research.  I have failed 2 shark deterrents (much to the chagrin of their inventors) and 2 sets of gloves and glove materials.  The clothe fails bite tests with medium sharks and therefore I could only recommend their use with small sharks with tiny teeth (where they were quite effective and comfortable).

I thoroughly test all gear and equipment before endorsing them.  So, don't ask for a simple endorsement based on money.  Have your research and preliminary tests ready for me to review them.  Send those results over first OR (if you are wanting me to do 3rd party testing as a separate source for comparison) do not reveal any results to me.  I usually offer a apriori opinion on products to advise you of what I think will be problems, concerns or advantages prior to my testing or use.  I only wish to endorse products that I use myself and can rely on in extreme situations.

CONTACT ME FOR 2014 TESTING NOW!!!  Marketing for this season is over.  So for new products, we will have to shoot for winter sales at shows.  Still, TEST NOW, sell later.

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Terms of endorsement?

Some gear I endorse with compensation, some because the gear is supplied and more than competent to the application, some because it is a necessity, and some for free because it is just that important to the public safety and protection.  Terms will depend on the product, quality, need, company or personal relationship with the producer.  Contact me about your product and we will see.  Remember, my criteria are tough as not only is my butt riding on your product but so is my reputation and integrity!  That being said, I look forward to hearing about your products.

Ken Moran
Shark wrangler

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